Towards a sustainable future with CO2-neutral carton

Responsible brands and individuals are currently working hard towards a sustainable future. To help you achieve your sustainability targets, we have developed the Pankaboard Zero-C product family: CO2-neutral versions of our selected high-quality cartonboard products.

Current Zero-C products

We are now offering a wide range of traditional Pankaboard products with carbon-neutral Zero-C options. Whether your choice is PankaBrite (400–550 g/m2) for food packaging,  PankaLux (410-560 g/m2)  for high-end packaging applications or PankaLux Plus (410-560 g/m2) for folded trays and skin pads, you can now choose a carbon-compensated Zero-C alternative of your desired material. Additionally, selected uncoated speciality boards are available as Zero-C including PankaStar for special design packaging, PankaDisc for coasters and underlays, as well as PankaSilk and PankaMax for various laminated constructions.

We help our customers to find solutions for their diverse converting requirements.
Pankaboard produces high-quality specialty cartonboards. All of our products are produced from virgin fibres for highest product safety. With our wide product offering and exceptional thickness range, we can help you find a solution for your requirements. Please explore our range of high thickness coated folding boxboards, with thicknesses up to 1 mm, and our broad offering of uncoated specialty cartonboards. The fiber compositions are truly unique to enhance required properties to fit a wide range of special applications.

Zero-C – How it works

A comprehensive life cycle assessment (LCA) based on ISO 14025 standard has been implemented for all Zero-C products. The results of the LCA have been documented in the verified environmental product declaration (EPD) report.

To achieve CO2-neutrality with Zero-C products, we compensate all manufacturing-related fossil CO2 emissions in full, through certified compensations programs.

Average Pankaboard product carbon footprint is negative (-350 kg CO2-eq/t).

In partnership with Nordic Offset

To ensure and enable that we achieve our targets in CO2-neutrality with the Zero-C product family, we have partnered with Nordic Offset, a trusted Finnish provider of carbon footprint management.

Nordic Offset has been working for over 15 years with several major Finnish and Nordic brands to help work towards a carbon-neutral future.

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