Technical customer service

Please contact our capable team for any technical assistance, advice or product training. Together we will find solutions to your challenges.

Karsten Galgon

Manager, Technical Customer Service
Grindelberg 17 / Grindelwerk
20144 Hamburg, Germany
Tel: +49 173 999 6326
Responsible for: Denmark, Belgium & Netherlands, Czech & Slovak Republic, Poland, Germany & Austria, UK & Ireland, Africa & Middle East

Jere Takala

Manager, Sustainability and Development
Bulevardi 7 A, 4th floor
00120 Helsinki, Finland
Tel: +358 40 864 3227
Responsible for: Asia, Australia, Baltic states, Finland, Norway, Sweden

Philippe Wenk

Director, Technical Customer Service
Bachtelenrain 18
CH-3098 Schliern b. Köniz, Switzerland
Tel. +41 7934 035 69
Responsible for: France, Italy, South Europe, Switzerland, East Europe and CIS Countries, North & South America, Trading houses