We work for a healthy and productive forest ecosystem for generations to come

Our entire business is based on the sustainability of forests. Protecting the environment, reducing our footprint and ensuring safe and fair working conditions for our employees are corner stones in our activity. Our virgin fibre based cartonboards are all renewable and recyclable. Lightweight cartonboards from well managed forests provide sustainable solutions for a wide range of applications. Close collaboration with our suppliers improves the efficiency, transparency and responsibility of the entire supply chain.


Recyclable products
All our products are recyclable. Did you know that fibres actually can be recycled 7 to 8 times?


Renewable rawmaterials
Trees grow back in sustainable managed forests and can reduce the need for fossil based materials. Our renewable products store carbon and support mitigating the climate change and global warming.


Traceability of fibers
We always know the origin of wood through certified traceability systems. All fibers are traceable. We are both PEFC and FSC certified.


Sustainable operations
We make most of the raw materials that we use. Nothing is wasted. Wood come from sustainable and well managed local forests to minimize transportation. New biomass absorbs CO2 from the atmosphere.


It’s all about biodegradability
All our products biodegrade in weeks, unlike fossil based materials, aluminium and glass, which takes hundreds of years to degrade.


Committed to energy effiency
Constant reduction of energy consumption is a continuous process. Steam is sustainably produced by the high- tech integrated biofuel plant. Any excess steam heats the raw water for maximum efficiency.


We borrow water from nature
We are located in an area with plenty of water and our process do not compete with other uses of water. 100% of what we use is surface water. We use it efficiently and have actively closed the circulation to reduce the use of water. Since 2017 we have reduced the consumption by 10%. Before returning it to nature, the water is efficiently purified according to Finnish regulations.


People make it happen
Our commitment to respect human right covers all our operations. Safety at work is an integral part of our day- to-day management and preventive actions play a key role. Our goal is zero accidents.