Pankaboard produces a unique range of uncoated speciality boards for different applications where performance and special characteristics are essential. Capseals, food service, coasters as well as skin packaging are typical applications where Pankaboard products are used successfully. Our products are used globally thanks to their unique characteristics. All grades are OBA free to guarantee optimal product safety throughout the value chain.



Panka_orig-1006_53A0343_vers2PankaSeal is an uncoated cartonboard specially designed to meet the unique properties required for capseal applications. PankaSeal features unique smoothness and purity achieved through the Condebelt treatment. The cartonboard is ideal for lamination with unique formation and optimized strength properites. PankaSeal is available from 300 g/m2 up to 500 g/m2 (1.0 mm). PankaSeal is OBA free.
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Panka_orig-815_53A0146PankaDisc is a two-sided bleached uncoated board with high bulk and absorption properties. PankaDisc is mainly used for beermats, capseals, cake underlays and other types of specialty end-uses where high stiffness and thickness are required. PankaDisc is available from 275 g/m2 up to 630 g/m2 (1.55 mm). PankaDisc is OBA free.

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Panka_orig-753_53A0058PankaStar is uncoated folding boxboard with high smoothness for excellent printing. Smoothness is achieved through the Condebelt treatment. PankaStar is ideal, for example, in special design packaging with an ecological approach.Through its high air permeability and smoothness PankaStar is also ideal for skin packaging. PankaStar is available from 300 g/m2 up to 500 g/m2 (0.9 mm). PankaStar is OBA free.
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PankaPlex is an uncoated two-ply cartonboard especially designed for the food service industry. PankaPlex is produced from mechanical pulp in combination with a smooth and white top layer of chemical pulp. The smoothness and high purity is achieved by the Condebelt treatment. These special characteristics make PankaPlex ideal for various end-uses within food service sector (eg. plates, outer liner in doublewall cups) and various lamination purposes, where a smooth uncoated surface is required. PankaPlex is biodegradable with certified compostability (190–240 gsm) and OBA free. PankaPlex is available from 190 g/m2 up to 350 g/m2 (0.6 mm).
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PankaPlex is also available in high bulk version, with maximized thickness. PankaPlex High Bulk is especially designed for rigid boxes and various food service underlays. PankaPlex High Bulk is available from 305 g/m2 up to 630 g/m2 (1.53 mm). 
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