Lightweighting of high-thickness PankaDisc

We are pleased to inform that through recent product development, we will be able to reduce
the substance of PankaDisc in the thickness range from 1.0 mm to 1.55 mm.
All other specifications will remain unchanged.

The outcome is a further enhancement of the already significant yield, contributing to even greater
lightweighting benefits.

The revised substances will be the following:

• PankaDisc 420 gsm (previously 430 gsm)
• PankaDisc 470 gsm (previously 480 gsm)
• PankaDisc 560 gsm (previously 580 gsm)
• PankaDisc 610 gsm (previously 630 gsm)

The specifications of the lower substances (390 gsm and below) remain unchanged.
These revised specifications come into force from the production in mid March.

Contact Pankaboard sales for more information