The heavyweight contender: explore the benefits together with pankaboard

toukokuu 6, 2009 - 1 minute read

Uncompromised coated cartonboard quality well into the thickness range normally only available in microflute corrugated and laminated boards.

Benefit from:
• Considerable advantage over multi-material solutions
• Excellent runnability and efficiency on printing, die cutting and side gluing equipment
• Cartonboard print appeal and packing line performance

The cost advantage of a solid cartonboard from Pankaboard against laminated multilayer constructions is significant. The saving potential reaches 15% by using a heavy weight cartonbaord compared to microflute. The savings accumulate throughout the conversion process according to the enclosed graph. Not only are the material costs competitive, but also the improved process parameters will contribute to great cost efficiency.

In addition, the visual appearance is superior: We guarantee no wash boarding and excellent print quality!

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