Picture frames


PankaSilk is primarily produced from groundwood pulp, which results in a remarkable bulk in combination with a smooth surface achieved by BM3’s Condebelt drying technology. PankaSilk is widely used, for example, in the picture framing industry, as the middle layer in high-quality display boards and POS (point of sales) products where smoothness, purity and high yield are required. The product is available in substances from 210 g/m2 up to 570 g/m2 (1.2 mm). PankaSilk is pH neutral.
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PankaFrame is especially designed for high-quality picture framing applications. Purity and product stability are essential features to ensure superior image quality over a long period of time. PankaFrame is available in substances from 380 g/m2 up to 710 g/m2 (1.2 mm). PankaFrame is pH neutral and meets international archival standards.
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