PankaSeal is an uncoated cartonboard specially designed to meet the unique properties required for capseal applications. PankaSeal features unique smoothness and purity achieved through the Condebelt treatment. The cartonboard is ideal for lamination with unique formation and optimized strength properites. PankaSeal is available from 300 g/m2 up to 500 g/m2 (1.0 mm). PankaSeal is OBA free.

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PankaDisc is a two-sided bleached uncoated board with high bulk and absorption properties. PankaDisc is mainly used for beermats, capseals, cake underlays and other types of specialty end-uses where high stiffness and thickness are required. PankaDisc is available from 275 g/m2 up to 630 g/m2 (1.55 mm). PankaDisc is OBA free.

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