Pankaboard streamlining product specifications

September 1, 2017 - 1 minute read

The visual appearance of all Pankaboard product specifications has been updated to correspond with the company’s current visual identity. Together with this visual update, some changes due to product maintenance has also been carried out in the actual technical specifications.

The most important changes have been streamlining of GC1 portfolio and introduction of new product named PankaPlex High Bulk.

In autumn 2016 Pankaboard launched new GC1 product, PankaLux, with exceptional smoothness and consistency, which has been very well received by the customers. To further streamline the product offering in GC1 the availability of substances will be modified for PankaWhite and PankaLux in a way, that PankaWhite will be available in 285-335 g/m2 (440-540 micron) and PankaLux in 360-560 g/m2 (580-1000 micron).

The high bulk and substance versions of PankaPlex have now been separated as own product called PankaPlex High Bulk. Standard PankaPlex is available in 190-350 g/m2 (315-600 micron)and the new PankaPlex High Bulk in 305-630 g/m2 (700-1525 micron).

For more information, kindly contact your local Pankaboard sales team.